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Job Security in IT Companies

Job security is of the most important aspect that every employee wants.Many times we hear some company has fired this much of employees or this MNC has fired 5000 employees etc..etc.this could be really threaten for every software professional.First of all we should accept that software field is for young blood below 45 years of age.if you cross 45 years of age than its difficult for anyone to survive in software industry.Because requirement of architects & managers are less comparatively developers,testers & similar designation.Energy level of a 25 year employee is more than 45 year of employee.Although experience also matters but requirement of higher designation is less & due to heavy salary packages of managers & other higher designations job security becomes low.If any project fails or company comes in loss due to some projects than higher designation members has more chance to loss their job.Software engineers could has chance to switch their projects but not management people has not.

Apart from this there are some companies which has good job security.Like Capgemini, Although hike is less there but job security is more.If you do not perform company will put you on some another project.You will get decent amount of chance to perform but after so many chances also if you are not able to perform than definitely any company will throw you out.

Infosys & TCS are also good options for job security. Wipro also has good job security & termed as semi government company.

Service based big MNCs has good job security So try to get above companies for better job security.

For your suggestions please write in comment box......Thanks for reading this article.

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