Deploy Mule Application to Cloudhub in Mule 4

Deploy Mule Application to Cloudhub in Mule 4

Deploying the application to mule cloudhub is very easy and we will see step by step that how to deploy mule application to cloudhub.

1) First make an application in anypoint studio. Here we have a simple GET application with an HTTP listener and set payload in it.

2) Export the application in the form of a jar as shown below.

Right-click on project  > export

click next > finish.

The jar file is created at the specified location.

Now login to anypoint platform and go to runtime manager.

Click on deploy application

Fill in the details and click on deploy application.

After a few minutes application will be deployed and a green dot appears as shown above.

Now click on the application name to know the endpoint URL.

The endpoint URL is highlighted as red and we need to add the path to it.
path i have given as /basicauth