Parse Template in Mule | Read CSV file in Mule

Parse Template in Mule | Read CSV file in Mule

Parse Template is the Mule component to use for processing a template and obtaining a result. A template is defined as text with embedded Mule expressions that are evaluated and replaced with their result.You can configure template through an external file reference, or you can embed it in the component definition itself.

In example below Parse Template is used to read csv file and output is shown below 

flow of Parse Template Transformer :

The above example is for reading a .csv file.

Parse Template configuration :

URL :  http://localhost:8085/api/parse
Method : GET

csv file is located in src/main/resources/inputfile directory.

Output :

XML project code :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<mule xmlns:http="" xmlns="" xmlns:doc=""
    <http:listener-config name="HTTP_Listener_Configuration" host="" port="8085" basePath="/api" doc:name="HTTP Listener Configuration"/>
    <flow name="test_parsetemplateFlow">
        <http:listener config-ref="HTTP_Listener_Configuration" path="/parse" doc:name="HTTP"/>
        <parse-template location="src/main/resources/inputfile.csv" doc:name="Parse Template"/>
        <set-payload value="#[payload]" doc:name="Set Payload"/>